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Smart devices for high reliable remote control and monitoring needs.
  1. Aurélie Simon
    Founder & COO Biologist specalized in environmental management and devoted administrator
  2. Christophe van der Straten
    iOS Developer & Graphic Designer Assure user friendly applicationand powerfull ios application
  3. Elise Bornuat
    Geospatial Data Analyst Create beautifull map and makes huge geo-referenced databases readable
  4. Nicolas Hanse
    Founder & CEO Robotics, sailor and passionated pilot
  5. Florian Dupierreux
    Android and Microcontroller Developer Creates beautifful Android application and has empathy for smart electronic chips
We are not like others !

We are electronician, IT developpers, cartographer, pilots, sailors ... and Entrepreners !

We are pationnate, We are challenging and we are realistic
We are a challenging Belgian company basicaly active in air navigation safety for civil aviation but also in the development of specific solution needed by other companies.

Even if we are specelized in aeronautical solution, we have developped gateway solution for sharing weather for ship anywhere in ocean and monitoring humidity in the middle of the jungle.
The more complex your needs are, the more efficient we will be.  

First we start by creating a complete solution for managing experience and safety for pilots of general civil aviation

Big boats, Small boats security and remote control, Adventurer via bluecaps, Airport Security

We are not low cost but we are not High cost.  We are at the just balance

team picture autour d'un avion + mettre le stamp ESNAH CREW  ->
A particular request concerning specific tracking or satellite gateway solution
ESANH has competences in real time data exchange with or without satellite communication and developped its own electronics tracker.  It will provide you a more rapid answer to your specific request and needs.  The value added by are tracker or gateway system will allow you to gain time, optimized your operational management and save money.​